#2320 Wing Style Pew Chair


The Modern Pew Alternative!

The #2320 Pew Chair Series is constructed of 18 gauge 1” square steel frames with strong, permanent welds. The backs feature a comfortable 1” thick foam cushion. The seats are 2-1/2” thick with a rolled “waterfall” front, set on a moulded plastic base for a lifetime of trouble-free use. Chairs feature a “wing” that creates a bench-like seat and back when the chairs are lined up in a row! Frame ends are finished with black plastic glides. The chair weighs 13 lbs.

Frames are available in standard finishes of Black, Beige, Grey, Coppervein or Silvervein.

Upholstery available in hundreds of colors in vinyl and fabric. Contact us for a free fabric sample card.

#2320 Pew Chair
Minimum quantity 12.


Product Accessories:

* #9300 4-wheel Dolly

* #9602 2-wheel Dolly

* Caps

* Welded on Ganging

* Airline Style Book Pockets

* Underseat Bookracks

* Pew Ends

“Ganging” is a series of hooks and receptacles welded on the frame, allowing the chairs to be joined (“ganged”) together to form a stationary row.


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